Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i am who?

You know, it's funny. My parents judge me. The people i grew up with judge me. The people from church judge me. The people who aren't messed up judge me. I guess that's why i'm so messed up.... i got tired of being judged and started hanging out with people who wouldn't look down at me... it just so happens that people that are messed up are the ones that wount judge you for being different or wacky.

People who are different, they're the ones who have the power to change the world. People who are wacky are the one's who create masterpieces. Those are the people who are judged and end up being messed up because of it. . . if only we could be not messed up and still be ourselves and not be judged, maybe our world we see a lot more progress at a much faster pace.

It's the people who can look at their messed up lives and turn it into what ever they want and be happy - those are the ones that i look up to. I look up to them more than people who get life right. Those are the people who don't just have the power to change the world, but actually DO change the world.

I have a messed up life. Let's see what i can make of it.

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