hapily something after.

I've committed the rest of my life to Will.  I don't care if he marries me or not.  I don't care if he commits or not, i've chosen my life partner.

Now i just have to figure out to take care of myself until he comes around, even if it takes the rest of my life.

I don't want to work all the time and i don't want to have to be tough.  I want to be responsible for keeping the house clean or taking care of the kids.  I want to lay in bed next to the man i love and listen to him vent about his hard day at work.  I want him to rub my back when my hormones are dumb and i cry myself to sleep.

I don't want to stress about Weather i'm putting in enough hours or if i need to find another job.  I want to work, but only for my pleasure and for the extra cash, not because my life depends on it.

I am tired of trying to survive on my own, i want someone to take care of me so that i can take care of them.

I want a family.


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