Wednesday, December 17, 2008


When i was single i knew who liked me and didn't, but it didnt' really matter to me because i didn't mind be single... . I took comfort in being single because i knew that i didn't have to worry about heart ache or complications. No one ever acted on their feelings and so it was just me and my boys and we didn't have any worries. Once in a while someone way below expectations would grow balls but i didn't feel bad saying no because i was happy.
Now i have a boyfriend and all those guys that i knew liked me before seem to be oblivious that i am happy. Some are more subtle with "i met an aswesome girl that almost caused me to rethink not dating" and others are not so subtle like : "So i guess it's too late to ask you on a date then" . . . uh. yeah. duh. Why would they even throw that kind of confusion on me!??
But i am happy. I like my boyfriend. It may have taken a couple moments for me to get used to that, but i do like him. I'm not used to being off the market. . . Normally i can just ignore a guys crushes on me and treat him like i would any guy friend and he would never make any moves and i wouldn't have to worry about him. But now things are different. I have a guy and they know that. . and not only that, but i like him too.

I am not sure what kind of desperate last throw they are making, but their chance of rejection is 100 because they had their chance. . . I have been single for 3.5 years and they never made a move. . their chance is over. Now i am happy - don't mess that up for me.

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