Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Closing

This is my last Blog of 2008 and so i thought i would reminise:

My spelling is no better than it was 5 years ago but my writing skills have improved dramaticlly [i like to think].
I have learned A LOT . . . i've probably learned more this year than i have EVER learned.
Nearly every friend i have, i made this year. . . and the number of people from H.S. that i am still friends with can be counted on one hand.
I had my heart broken, but i learned from it.
the rough outline of my book, the rules to dating, is finally done
I gave up powerlifting, just kind of grew out of it, but now i'm planning on getting back into it seriously.
I quite first real job, at a child care center/preschool
I love my lifeguarding job at the local college.
My first real room mate bailed on me and left me with some random guy in her stead.
I bought my first vehicle: a motorcycle
then i got my license to drive it.
Rugby, i discovered, is awesome.
and i really like my first college b/f who is, right now, home in NJ for break.

Now i'm just going with the flow. What ever life brings me is totally awesome - that's the life i've taken up this year

As for 2009 new years resolutions: I'm going to save those for the first blog of 2009

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