Thursday, December 11, 2008

The reason that i like him

I like the way he doubles over when he laughs,
the way he pulls me close and holds me tight,
doesn't stereo type me because of those like me,
shares his beliefs even though he knows i disagree,
Kisses my forhead,
touches my skin when i'm asleep,
Is confident in what he wants,
Doesn't push my lines even though i tempt him,
Doesn't understand why i stare at him,
says K. Hi when i say K. bye,
always there, waiting to see me again,
I like the way he is head over heals for me.
The way he doesn't tell me how i could have done things differently, but just listens.
He thinks i'm such a girl and not a masculine butch.
He's not intimidated by me.

But i'm sry. I'm still scared. I'm scared for him. I'm scared that i may break his heart. I'm scared that i'll lead him on.

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