Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bras and panties. the new age

I am a pretty big fan of cute bras, like any girl and matching bras and panties make me feel sexy even though no one is gonna see them but me. When i was younger and lived at home, my mom always bought me white underwear and white bras, sometimes she would go to the edge and let me pick out something pastel pink or pastel blue. . but never anything too exotic. Once, i picked out a pair of lacy granny panties and the first thing she said when i held them up was "oh, no no. . no thongs" As if feeling hot would be a bad thing!

Now i am finally stepping out side of those old rules and throwing away ever last pair of white underwear and nearly all of those "oh so modest" white bras. . . I want to feel hott even if i know i'm not gonna look it.

Once, feminist burned their bras. Today has brought a new era about. Today is an era of embracement. Bras and femitism are no longer signs of weekness but of strength. Beauty is now a sign of power. Once, bras were burned; today, they are embraced - even enhanced.

Ok. so really, i just like them because they make me feel hot. It has nothing to do with the history behind bras or the image others get from them. They make me feel like a super model and they make be feel beautiful.. . And in this bra, who wouldn't feel like a princess.

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