Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The world gives us so many rules and laws, each culture has even more than that to bind us down. How many times have i heard "oh if he did that than he must not be a christian" or "No one who really loved god would do that" but who are we to judge? Who are we to say what is right and wrong? Especially outside of christianity - My mother thinks she can tell a non christian that they are sinning by participating in homosexuality or adultry or abortions. But how could i ever force the laws of my bible on to someone who does not believe that book? If i am an American in the United States of America, than would a Roman be able to come to my home and persicute me for not following the laws of theirs? No, I am an American in my own country and therefor the laws of another's nation do not bind me. So why would the laws of my beliefs bind anyone from another? I do believe my God and i do worship him. I give praise to him and i believe he is the only true God; but i understand that a buddhist just as passionately believes their word and a hinddue, thiers and a muslim, thiers. Therefore, who am i to force my God on them? I can tell them what i believe but it is their own concience that will save and damn them and i will never take the duty upon myself to damn anyone for i am just as sinful as them and the next.
Once they obsessed over relics and indulgences, today the common christian will confidently say that this is wrong because it is not God that they are trusting. Today, the common christian worries how others will see us and they pick and choose who they will whole heartily love and then judge those who do not choose to live as them; this is just as bad as the sin of the past and yet they are so self rightious of themselves.

But it is not only religions that will attempt to force their laws on another. Every person has their picturesque image of the "right person". Every person with a mohock is seen as rebelious, "Punk." Every person who has rejected color is seen as troubled, "gothic." Every person who downs candy beads and colored nail polish is seen as a druggie and dramatic, "Scene. The "normal" person is to wear clothes like everbody else, jeans and a tee, something blending. With those expectations who has not been judged? Even the "normal" person is judged by those they rejected.

We will never have world peace because we will never. NEVER learn to accept those that are different than ourselves. The day we learn to accept others as ourselves will be the day we truly understand unselfish love.

Luther was a man unlike others. He could see the truth of life. He understood. It's not about laws and it's not about religions. The heart is the only thing that will ever decide our destiny. It is the only thing that will decide our fate. The only right and wrong is love and hate. The only thing we will ever be judged by is our heart. But that said, is it always our heart that drives us and pushes us. Therefor, Love was is right and do what you love. Now if only every person understood that, hate would be of the past and war, only a memory. You can choose to hate and you can choose to judge. In the midst of your judgments remember that your heart is what you yourself will be judged by.

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