Thursday, December 11, 2008

old passions

I have one passion that will never fade. The flowers may fade and the grass may whither but the word of our lord will stand forever.

But that is the only one. Every other passion seems so dim, so impossible. I have my share of hobbies that i've taken up. . . Violin, skateboarding, pool, rugby. . . The number of times i've taken up new hobbies is uncountable and the number i've actually excelled in is a high number of 0. I want something that is more than just a hobby. I am tired of just filling time. I want a life, not just a hobby. So many things i've taken up and for what? I push my passion into sports and hobbies but it's not enough. My passion is too big for just an ordinary sport. I was made to change the world and that is the only thing that will ever satisfy me.

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