Sunday, October 12, 2008

The guy i want

Sam is texting me again.. lol. I don't know what he thinks he's gonna get out of this. I think he really does want a relationship.. but i'm not sure what his expectations are and i am not sure i want to know. I am not sure i am ready... i am more ready now than i was then but i am still just not ready. I need a guy that will let me go out on my own with out him there and then, when the night is over, will come see me. I need to go out on my own, but when the night is over and i want to makeout with someone i need my man to be there.
I need someone who:
plays guitar.
goes out
loves god
doesn't make a habit of getting drunk
does drink
has smoked
doesn't smoke
loves me just the way i am
WANTS to go to my games
Wants to talk about his day
can listen to my rants
doesn't mind going to church with me
one faced: honest about who he is even to himself.
disicion maker
Wants to meet my parents
enjoys wrestling with my brother
Takes me to Levi's games
2 am skateboarding
can JUST make out

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