Sunday, October 26, 2008

funny thing - being a blogger

it's a funny thing. I'm a blogger.. i'm sure you've notice that i like to write. I write about every thing. The hues of fall float aimlessly through the autmum air. The touch of his skin brought sensations of lust running through my viens. warmth filled my lungs as the cold liqure slid effortlessly down my throat. I could feel the fibers of muscle ripping as i strained to lift it that last inch. ... I absolutely LOVE writing. I especially love writing about people. Its funny how people can live without a thought as to what life they are leading. It's funny how so many people take for granet the diversity that fills our world. I'm amazed that he would have no clue what ache he's caused.... My blog has been filled with pages of thoughts and observations and descriptions and occasionally i will post one to facebook out of pure inspiration. But when people read those i can see just how the effects of my life speed through this world. Every note i write that mentions any person and every person that i have met will allow their imagination to roam and assume that it is them my note speaks of . . . but don't let your panties get too twisted over any note of mine that you've ever assumed was about you because the chances that i've actually wrote a blog about you is about one in a million. Half the people i've written about were random strangers i passed in the store or a character in a movie, and if it was a real heartfelt and heartbroken note than ill let you know that there is really only one boy i have written about... sure i've mentioned little crushes here and there, but the majority of my notes that actually mentioned a boy were all about that same boy - maybe just in different lights, but all about the same boy. So there is no need to fret if you have ever read a note and thought it was about you.. Most likely, it wasn't about you or anybody you know.
A funny thing happened yesterday: I was talking to a girl friend about a guy that i had a crush on and out of the blue she asked me if i was still a virgin. LOL.. i told her i was and that was the silliest question coming from her and asked of me. It turns out that this boy has been reading my notes and i wrote about some boy that hurt me... he had seen me kiss this guy that we can call mike and assumed that the note was about mike. Mike is a man whore and so this guy assumed that i had slept with mike and then wrote a note about the hurt i felt. ..
I wrote a note once inspired by a movie - the note was about people and their judgements. It mentioned double standards and cliques and people's stupidity. The drama that was caused by that note was indescribable.. haha... Someone from the church commented that they felt the same way about their small group and that is where the drama started. My small group leader was bothered and talked to our assistant pastor who talked to our head pastor who talked to my sister who talked to my dad who informed me that "i had the church all riled up" hahaha lol. Soon after, my small group leader pulled me aside to have a serious conversation. ... and all over a note i wrote and someone assumed i was talking about the church when i had really just been inspired by a movie.

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