Wednesday, October 22, 2008

1yr 3mo 13days of love

1yr 8 mo 22days since the day i fell in love
4mo 1 wk 2 days since the day by heart was broken.
All this time and i still haven't gotten over him. .. i guess sometimes it takes longer than we like; and i am sure that one day i will get over him, but right now it still hurts.
Every time i start to think that i am moving on it rains and all those rusty joints start to hurt again.
I have come to hate happy movies because every happy scene makes me remember when he was here and every sad scene reminds me how badly i can relate to the hurt.
He was such a jerk, how could i ever have liked him.. How could i still like him? I see girls with guys that are jerks and i think that is so ignorant. Why would any girl put herself through that? I don't have an answer to that, i always thought that was stupid, but now i am one of those of girls. Bear led me on, played me over, and then couldn't let go and to make things better he expected me to wait for him while he got his shit together; what if he doesn't ever get his shit together. Maybe he is shit, you can't move on from that.

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