Sunday, October 26, 2008


I am taking a class titled "Diversity in America" My Gramps told me that Diversity is a bad thing because it only causes trouble - apparently when he was young there was no diversity and life was less complicated.
It makes me laugh. Of course Diversity is going to bring chaos - Diversity is the equivelant of differences or a range of differences and anytime there is differences there will be chaos. No one wants to be told they are wrong but they don't mind telling others when they dissagree. when you bring two people of different cultures you are garenteed to see that happen: everybody thinks everybody else is wrong. People are too close minded to understand that others think differently and that difference is not bad. When there is no diversity things are simple: If all you have in a room is WASP, men with same beliefs, and there will be nothing but tranquility. But with that placid atmosphere there will be no progress forward. If one is not pushed to think outside their box of familiarairity then they will never see the potiential this world holds achievable. With diversity we are forced to look at things in a light that wouldn't noramlly think of. We are forced to consider theories that we wouldn't ordinarilly even consider, ideas that woudn't otherwise ever cross our mind.
Yes, diversity causes problems, but are those problems all bad? Do they not push us forward and force us to go higher than we normally would? They allow us to see colors that we didn't know existed and hear tones that we couldn't have created on our own. The give us possiblities to change a world that we didn't know was there. Ignorance is bliss, Now we are forced to decide. Is that bliss worth the the things we could achieve?

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