Monday, February 14, 2011


Today is that dreaded holiday…. In the past I’ve written poems that flow with the reasons this day stinks.  This year I’m just not feeling that poetic lol.   I hate the color pink.  I hate mushy gooshiness.  Even when I was with someone I still hated this holiday.  I hated not knowing what to get them or how to be super excited without pulling out roses or pink hearts.   …. I hate roses.  I think they’re pretty, but they are just boring to me, and way too serious.  I hate the obligation behind today – the obligation for couples to do things for each other that are so much more special if they’re done randomly through out the year.
This year I hate it even more.  The thing is, it’s almost a content dislike.   Pulled into the festivities I REALLY hate it, but being left to treat it as another day I don’t mind the fact that couples everywhere are oohing and ahhing.  

Don’t get me wrong, I hate it in the romantic sense and I strongly dislike the décor…. However, I love buying my friends little valentines.  Now that we are “too old”  to put them in each others shoe boxes during lunch, the little cards are that much more of a surprise.   I love having an excuse to remind my friends how much I like them : )     -- even I can have a sensitive side.  

Now on with happy hearting. 

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