Saturday, February 19, 2011

My favorite pair of shoes

It’s not just shoes….. it’s that favorite shirt that you’ve had since 8th grade or those jeans you bought for senior pictures.   It might be the braclet you got from your boyfriend or that hat your best friend brought you from fl…..  Sometimes it’s a suvanier,  maybe it’s a great $1 steal, It could be sentimental, but it’s always great and it still wears out. 

Even before I came to like clothes, I had my favorite jeans.  Right now, im in desperate need to disconnect from my lime green, 3 dollar flats.  Its not that they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned or that I payed so much I need to treasure them…  They’re just my favorite shoes.  They were ½ a size too small when I bought them but after a week of non stop wear they came to fit me perfectly.  They’re absolutely adorable…. Laid back and still not too casual, and on top of the fact that I LOVE green.  No need to mention that they were a steal.   Now they are worn and dirty.  The souls have been super glued and hot glued and falling off again.  There is a hole starting to form on the big toe of the right foot…..  they need to be forgotten, but I just can’t let them go.  There’s nothing special about them, no great memories made with them,   but they are still my favorite shoes and I just can’t let them go. 

Here is my vow…. By the time I buy any more shoes I will let go.  

Good buy green flats, it’s time to start seeing other people. 

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