Monday, February 21, 2011

punk rock adult?

I’m not some punk rock sort of character or anything like that, but I do have quite a few piercings and I’m a fan of blue hair and tattoos.   I know that my style isn’t always orthodox.  I know that not everyone apretiates my look.

However, I do like my piercings and tattoos.  I like my unusual clothing and I’m still going to dye my hair random colors once in a while. 

I have a couple neighbors that I hang out with.  One is 37.  The other one is covered in tattoos and has recently started taking out all of his piercings because he’s “too old for them”.   The 37 yr old looked at me the other day and asked when I was going to start taking mine out…. He said that I’m getting old enough that I need to grow up.      It took all I had to keep from punching him.  

I will NEVER take my piercings out for someone else or because the world tells me I should. I don’t give a crap if the world thinks my piercings are childish or if they think I should grow up.  Everything on me is strategically placed and something that I got because I want it.  Maybe one day I’ll get tired of them and take them out, but I might just decide to keep them forever.  I saw an older lady at the store just yesterday with a nose ring.   She didn’t look extreme or mental or anything…. But she still pulled it off wonderfully.  Maybe I’ll turn out to be one of those hip old ladies and I might keep my lip ring until the day I die. 

It doesn’t really matter…   I can take them out when ever I want  and NO ONE will tell me I have to get rid of them before I want to.  Especially some 40 yr old dude that lives in a college town and hangs out with college kids…. He might think that I have to get rid of my piercings to grow up but he clearly hasn’t yet figured out what growing up even means.  

My name is Bee Mo.  I’m not your typical lady.   I don’t follow the rest of the world and sometimes people assume they know who I am.   I have tattoos and facial piercings. I don’t care at all what everybody thinks.  I am going to continue being who I want to be.  

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