Friday, February 04, 2011

dumb boys.

I'm not out to hate or bash boys all the time .... i'm not a man hater, in fact i'm quite the opposite.

However, i would like to take a moment to realize how riddiculus they are. WTS for example: we were basicly married, i had his baby, he wanted me to stick around while he continued lying to me about the ex.... now, up til last week he was still sending me emails and letters but yet sees his ex. I don't care that he is talking to her, but it makes me want to sucker punch him in the face every time i hear from him.

Or my co-worker: Not so much anymore, but while i still entertained him he would flirt with me and try to sleep with me but then said he wouldn't sleep with anyone from work after i turned down his advances... now i see how big of a man whore he is with every other girl.

i guess girls are just as bad sometimes: My neighbor: super cool guy and makes me feel great, but it could never turn into anything serious as we live two VERY different life styles.... but yet i continue talking.

I just get so sick of guys playing and lying and cheating. Wts makes me want to punch kangaroos and at this point i don't know if the guys that i could have crush on would ever have me because of what guys have turned me into.

It is because of my own niavness and boy's douchiness that i no longer have any self-respect.
I go places i shouldn't be and do things that i shouldn't do. . . sex no longer means anything to me since even when i commited my life to someone they still managed to play me over...

I love guys, but i get really sick of their stupidity and ignorance.... and ppl like wts make me want to play before i get played, he makes it really easy for me to desire to rip him to shreds

anyway.. enough bashing.
and remember: spooning leads to forking.

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