Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ex girlfriend.

I am tired of losing the guy to the ex. 
Wts might have been a lying prick with no gut, but if it hadn’t been that slut of whore ex  things might have worked out…. I guess she just brought out the douche side of him a little sooner for me.  
Now I’ve got the guy I didn’t really want to get serious with – would have been nice to lose him to a new girl or to a dis interest in me…..  but im just tired of whoring ex girl friends being dicks and not letting guys move on.   Just as much as I can’t stand those girls,  I can’t stand guys that fall for that kind of thing.  What do they see in those girls?  What is so special about lying bitches that a guy would fall for them over someone who actually cares?   

And why would a guy ever consider going back to a girl that is so careless to consider the girl at present? 

It doesn’t really matter.  I’ve learned my lesson…. I’m not making that mistake again.

I’m not dating their ex girl friend. 

So on that note…. I’m engaged again (not really…..)  One of my buddies last night asked me to marry him after we left the bar and went to don taco.  Ahahaha.   It made me laugh.

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