Saturday, July 10, 2010

work at the Flee market

The health stystems co went to the big flee market in town today.  The flee market was awesome.  I would really like to go on my own sometime when i have money to blow.   But as for work - it was so pointless.   No one really wants what we have.  There were too many of us there and we were just scamming people for their names.  I am not a scammer or a harasser but that's what my job is now.   I don't like that.   I like my boss, but he's so overly confiedent, even with this job.  He's only been there for 3 weeks and he thinks he can save it.... when anything is that close to collapsing it is almost a helpless effort.  I think he's being too ambitious and he's gonna end up helpless when it doesn't work.  The head boss isn't much better... he tells us how to do it, but i need him to show me.   I need him to prove that we can be successeful with what we have in front of us, but he's not going to do that and i don't believe him unless i see it....  I think this whole thing is only a matter of time before it collapses.  ... And i'm really not making much.   300 dollars for 40 hours (at least 40 hours) = less than 7.5 an hour.  That's less than min wage... and for a job that isn't going anywhere right now.

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