Wednesday, July 21, 2010

interview number lost count

I had another interview today ... the one at the body shop, a clothing store in the mall.  It took me a little longer to get there than planned (took 45 min!)  and so i ended up being 5 min late.   When i walked in, she told me that they had a policy,  If you're not early... they can't hire you.   I'm not from FL. she knows that!  I'm not even staying in that same town.  It's silly that they wouldn't even get me interview just because i'm not familiar with the territory.  but what ever.
I have another interview next week and this one should be interesting.  There is a guy named Dave who has been raising his 4 year old daughter by himself since his wife died.  He wants a nanny to help around the house.  I like the idea.  I'd basicly be a house wife - the wife.  I take care of the girl and help around the house and i have a place to live and an income.  I think it's a nice deal.  We are getting together for lunch sometime next week, hopefully things will work out.  I don't know how old he is yet and i don't know how the deal is going to be, but as long as everything stays proffesional this could be really perfect.   I'm excited about this.  ... and then i should be hearing from Aldi's within the next week.   Maybe things will actually start working soon.  I hope so because i don't like not having any plans.

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