Christ ian?

I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.
-Mahatma Gandhi

I love Jesus. I know that i screw up, i screw up BIG! but i still love Jesus. My mom tells me "love Jesus, don't party" but when i party everyone there knows that i love Jesus because i don't judge them. I sin alot but i still strive to be like Jesus.
The difference between me and other christians:
Other christians sin by judging and pushing people away.
I sin by secular matters but at least i'm not pushing people away from God.

If you ask me:
Two christians, they will both sin. If one's sin pushes people away from God and the other one's sin makes people give God a second chance, i'd rather be the second one.

People will judge me. Christians judge me because i eat with sinners. sinners judge me because i am christian.

Sure, i need to work on my sin. Sometimes, when i eat with sinners, i sin. At least i still love them. Who's going to bring them to God if the only ones telling them about God are the same people that judge them? I sin. The world sees that. The world also see's you "christians" and your sins. They see how your nose is in the air and they see how you look at them. They see how you disrespect their beliefs and they see how you throw your beliefs on them just like the vaccume sales men do. Why will the EVER listen to you?

Christians tell me that i'm wrong. They tell me that i should not be eating with sinners. They tell me that my love is too tolerant. They tell me that my understand is too accepting.
I don't care. I am going to love everyone no matter whether they buy my vaccume or not. I'm not out here to sell Jesus. I love Jesus and hopefully my love for people will help other people love Jesus but if it doesn't .... i will still love them.

‎"Jesus wouldn't have made a good Christian, he was too forgiving, loving and tolerant" .... for that matter, i guess that's why they killed him.


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