Wednesday, July 28, 2010

online bible study.

It amazes me how some people stretch the bible. I was originally looking at stuff for marriage but then i got distracted by some dude trying to say that pre-marital sex is OK. Come on people. If you want to sin, fine. At least be honest to yourself about what you're doing. The discussion was clearly meant to be biblical and then people come in saying that the bible doesn't say anything about pre-marital sex. The bible is FILLED with the subject. I would say nearly every other book mentions it. Adultery (sex out side of your spouse, even if you don't have a spouse), fortification, sexual desires, ect.
So many people where posting things such as "Anybody that considers premarital sex wrong has issues of their own that they do not wish to discuss. Sex, of any kind, is a basic human need." Wow, way to answer a biblical question without a hint of the bible in the answer. These people are dumb. If you don't believe in the bible that is fine, but why would you try to answer a question about the bible? Someone who doesn't believe the bible could say something like this and be fine. Anyone who believes the bible should ALWAYS have at least something from the bible to back it up. If you can't find anything in the bible to back up your beliefs or decisions than you think twice as to whether it's actually the right path. Some of these people were plain ignorant in the way of God.

My original search was on marriage. One point that i did find was sex as marriage.
"According to Bible (OT) law once you have sex you are married. That is the whole ceremony. Read the stories. Look at the law about rape. If a guy rapes some girl then he is her husband. That's the punishment." If you have sex with someone the biblical punishment is either a) you are then married or b) you are burned at the steak. Obviously no one is going to go burn me at the steak, but the matter is that Premarital sex with a single partner could be fixed by marriage.

anyway... just a thought.

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