Thursday, May 21, 2009


It is one of the most talked about subjects outside of the major contraversies [such as abortion or gay marriage]. I think we should just let it be... sure throw in a drug test here and there, but if they're smart enough to get away with it than let them be...
I don't do anything and i still beat the guys that do roids which just goes to prove that someone who is all natural can still beat someone who has assistance.
As for the common joe - who do people think they are that they can pass judgment on pro athletes?
I was talking to a dude in the gym yesterday and he was telling me that there is no way that Lance and Phelps are not on any roids... wow, i wanted to laugh. Who is he? REaaally? How would he even have a guess... just because they are breaking unimaginable records does NOT mean they have to be taking enhancement drugs. I broke the world record for bench by 20 pounds [unbelievable] but that doesn't mean that i'm on anything- in fact i could swear anything on it that i'm not doing anything.... i personally KNOW that i am not doing anything, but i know that some people will judge me just because i broke a great record.
Who do these amatures think they are that they have a right to pass judgement?

.. sry, just a major eurk that this guy hit on yesterday and i thought i would pass the insight on to you : )

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