Monday, May 25, 2009

loving you isn't easy

I know i'm being silly.
I know there's no point in holding back my love.

But can't you see it's not what i know.
It has nothing to do with all my silly ignorance...

My heart just has a stronger will than my head...

You say i'm being silly - thanks a lot for reminding me..
It may seem silly to you, but i still cry myself to sleep on lonely nights.

You want me to love again, but my heart may not be ready for that.

In three weeks it will have been an entire year since the day my heart was crushed.
An entire year - you say that's way to long to hurt.
But anyone who has truly loved knows that heart break never really heals.

You want me to give you my heart, but you never saw the look on his face.
You never heard the tone in his voice...
and you MOST CERTAINLY NEVER felt the pain of my heart.

So before you go pressuring me to throw around silly little words maybe you should understand that my entire life was pulled to shreds when he said i love you and then left me to melt. .. It was more than just hurt feelings, it was worst than death itself.

So before you think you understand and before you call it silly maybe you should know that the world could have flooded with all the tears i gave for him.

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