Friday, May 08, 2009

Hurrican SO ILL

High winds beat the side of my apt and the shingles from our rooftop beat down on the cars below. This is an epic storm. When the tornado sirens go off i cant contain myself and i grab my camera. Most the damage is already done, but the wind still whips the leaves from the ground and inspires my hair. I catch 1/2 min on tape before Brian takes the role of my mother and physically carries me back inside. My anger rages like the storm outside and my words are short " i'll just wait and use my parents laundry room" the sentence is filled with bitterness. The next 15 min are spent in silence and as the storm begins to calm he reaches for his keys. I don't stop him, if he can't treat me like an equal adult than i don't care. Now i'm free to travel the streets in search of photos to capture.

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