Saturday, May 09, 2009

Day one

Today is the first full day with out electricity. As i'm writing this the smell of liquore still lingers on my breath from last night. Yesterday people decided to use this outage as a vacation. Everywhere i looked there was someone waundering the streets and well past the curfew time my fraturnity friends were still partying hard.

Last night the entire town was dark. Not a light to be seen. Some people on the other side of town built fires and you could see the lights speckling the streets, but as i walked home the darkness enveloped the city.

Today, 10am has already struck and there is still no sound of people stirring outside. It's like a gohst town. I'm sure everybody is inside recovering from the parties last night.

They are predicting 2 - 14 days before lights can be turned on... this will be a fun 14 days.

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