Saturday, May 23, 2009

blue hair may be hot

My hairs done!!! :

It turned out really well... though my hair is 100000 X more brittle... but at least it looks amazing.

But that's not what i'm talking about today.
I went to Key west with Will last night. . His friend asked me if i like Will and i told him that it didn't matter because i already have a boyfriend.
Well Will is very persistant. On the Rugby night he crossed my lines which should be enough to ditch him right there, but Brian did too and yet he's still my BF. But I've made it very clear that i'm taken and yet he still asks for a kiss and while it doesn't bother me too much because i'm hard headed enough to resist, it does bother me a little because i feel like if i did give it to him it wouldn't bother him.
If a taken guy gave me a kiss i would feel horrible; even more horrible if i had been the one to ask for it.. I'm not one to stir the waters. If a guy is happy with his girl, i will be the last to mess that up and even more so if i actually liked him.

So while Will seems like a totally cool guy, i don't know that i will be able to hang out with him. I suppose it would be ok if we are in a group, but none of this picking me up stuff and DEFINTLY NO ONE ON ONE... I don't trust him enough and i don't trust myself enough to hang out with him by myself. Not that i don't think i could handle the temptation, but i don't even want to risk it because i'm in love with Brian and i'm not about to be unfaithful to him and and Will is my friend so i'm not about to lead him on or give him false hope.

Moving right along: today's my first day at Wal-mart Wellness center so i'm gonna peace out and go get ready.

P.s. Rats rock my world

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