Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine's day

I just realized that i forgot to give Brian due credit. He took my breath away on Febuary 14th.

I got dressed up. I wasn't really sure if i needed to or not, but after several minutes considering it i decided that it would surfice since i had failed at coming up with a creative gift for him. It was the perfect occasion for that little black dress. I pulled out the high heels and coated my lashes with that black liquid. A loose bun was an elegant look and as i was dabbing on the sweet delicatcey to my wrist, Brian arrived, dressed in a button up collared top. He looked mighty fine and the musky sent that he brought was enough to make my knees shake.
He Started the night right by opening the car door, but that was only the pretty name tag on the night. Grilled steak, Baked potatoes, and peas were on the main course and for desert - Ice cream.... topped with a pretty bow. He even went as far as candles.
To top the night off was the card. Hand made, just the way i like it.
Brian did an excelent job of making me feel like a lady, he also made me respect the holiday a bit more than i had before.

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