Monday, February 23, 2009

Pizza's ready!

Right now I don’t really have enough hours… I lost one of my jobs – the one at the rec, lifeguarding. As so right now I have basicly no food in my apt. I have come up with quite the interesting recipies. Today I decided to make a pizza… Well. I was defently not hoping for the best. I didn’t have yeast for the dough and I had no pizza sauce or meat sauce or anything so I used salsa and parmasan cheese and alfredo sauce. I have quite a few spices that I used also [some chille/pepper and some other spice that I’ve never heard of] I even set off the smoke detector : ) but it actually didn’t turn out half bad. The crust turned out really well and the sauce crusted over so over all it really was quite successful considering all….. It could have been better, it doesn’t quite look right. But I guess I can’t complain about how it looks if it taste edible.

…. speaking of edible and recipies: I came up with a recipie for oatmeal bars…. Its just like those hiddenvalley bars that they used to give us at camp!

I tell you what – I hate it when I don’t have all the ingredients that I need to make something, but I am for sure proud of myself over the past couple days, I’ve really done well at making due : )

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