Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two colored eyes.

I told you he’s got beautiful eyes. Eyes that encapture me in the world within them. They make me forget about everything around me.. every worry, every fear. It doesn’t matter that she’s not my friend anymore, doesn’t matter that I lost my job or that school really sucks. He tells me about his class and I count the colors in his eyes. More than just shade of green or blue, There’s brown in there too. The world turns around us but in the center of it all is him and me, eye to eye I can’t tear myself away from those colors, fading into one another. Always beautiful whether brown or green, they both hold sparkles of the ocean. Mezmerized by his touch I can’t tear myself away from this world, a world I know will never be mine. I’ve already told him I’m not going to fall in love. Today I can ignore it all. I can look into those pools of color and know that today it doesn’t matter.

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