Saturday, February 28, 2009

The deed is done.

I wish i could have seen Hooper's reaction when she got my voicemail yesterday afternoon. "We need to talk at steak N Shake"

It was unofficial St. Patty's yesterday and while i've never been a big drinker and the earliest i've drank is maybe 9pm, i decided to make this one a bang. It wasn't even 9 am when i arrived at Torfs. The plan was to drink and then go to class. I didn't make it to class. Torf didn't make it down the hall to class. The red puke that he left smeared down the halls is now the talk of the town. Brian brought me home from torfs and it wasn't long after that that i decided i needed some steak N. Shake. I wish someone would have stopped me [no one needs to be going to steak N' shake when they've had alcohol in their system] but i know that the truth is it was no ones responsability but my own. I didn't even make it to place my order. Ok. I don't think it would be apropriate for me to carry on the story here [drunks at steak N shake are not always a discussing matter] so i'm going to con't on a more private blog. Just take note that we need to talk at steak N. Shake

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