Saturday, November 15, 2008

pop 8

The resonance of a city street during rush hour will fade into background music as the city becomes a home, but even that chours will seem faint to the ruckus that is interupting my day now.

A quite lunch, basking in the joy of my home was my idea, but the infernal notes that rings out out side are not ideal for a melody. The horns that blair, a mix of support and anger, are the effects of a fight, a fight that people describe as peaceful.

The noise is not even the real striking chord that has uprooted my nerves, it is just the cherry on a cake. A cake that i want to pick up and throw in the face of it's maker.
I am all for justice. I endorse fighting for your rights. I would gladly attest to any progress towards fairness. But really? what progress is this demonstration going to generate? Go picket in front of the white house or in front of the guy who made you mad.. cause even if your protest did cause me to change my mind, i can't do anything to make it better.

How many people actually change their opinion based on a march? i'd guess not very many. I have always assumed [and i could be wrong] that people see a protest and either agree and it stirs up emotions of support or disagree and it stirs up emotions of anger. I suppose it could be seen as an encouragement to some, but when i am driving down the road through a march i feel judged, as if they are condemning me for disagreeing. When i do agree with their fight i feel wronged, as if they are trying to force our opinions on others [which i am 100% against].

I believe people should fight for what they believe in. I don't mind people disagreeing with me. The people outside picketing right now - i disagree with them, and thats fine. I don't have a single problem with them fighting for their beliefs, but i do have a problem with them standing out there, in my front yard [which, yes, it is a public sidewalk... but still my front yard] and trying to force their beliefs on people passing by. If they want to change what has happened then they should go to the people who have some effect on the events, not to the commoners driving to work or home or to the groccery store because, for me, they have done nothing but push me away from their cause with their clamorous protest.

*Just a disclaimer: I have no problem with their cause, while i do disagree i will not argue with them; it is their actions that hit a note wrong

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