Friday, November 28, 2008


Wake up, shoppers. It’s time to get over that pumpkin-pie hangover and get going.
That’s right. It’s Black Friday, the day of insanity that kicks off the holiday shopping season. And that means it is time to get serious about gifts. But anyone who has braved Black Friday knows it is about so much more than just a sale. It’s the thrill of shopping in the wee hours. The rush of scoring that coveted product at the lowest price it has been all year. At 9 o clock last night, i drove by best buy to see a line of twenty-something people lined up for nearly a block with tents and lawn chairs. The shopping starts early with some stores opening up as early as 4 am for this big shopping day. For me, i would rather sleep in and while i wasn't do any shopping this morning, the schedule said 6 AM for me and so i was up and ready to do some selling - turns out, they didn't need me until 9 so my first day of work is going to be a few hours later than origionally planned. Which is fine by me, i would rather catch a few more Z's.
After looking at my schedule for next week, however, i know that today will probably not only be my first shift, but my last shift as well. I have 4 on call days next week and not a single garenteed shift. So while others are going to spend the next month shopping for gifts, i'm going to be spending it shopping for jobs. I guess the search is on.
While i now know what i have to do, i still have one shift today. After this gauranteed shift, i have my on call shift, if they tell me that they don't need me i think i will tell them that i'm done and then waddle my way over to Evansville where my dear friends from the LoCashCowboys are playing. ... providing that it's not to cold for be to brave the two hour drive on my motorcycle.

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