Saturday, November 29, 2008

Not just my bike..

My bike just broke. But that's not why my life is falling apart.
My life is falling apart because:
T.P. HATES me.
Hooper is getting married and leaving me behind.
My housing plans are all up in the air [i may soon be moving out].
I'm gonna be jobless is a month.
I don't know what i want to do with my life
My lifting is going to crap

and my bike, which i just spent my entire savings on, broke down on my way to Evansville which i am now not going to; causing me to miss out on seeing my amazing friends that i will not get to see again for a long time because they live really far away.

So you wanna know why my life is getting crappy?
Let's go shoot some pool because there is no one here to give me a big hug and make everything better.

*on the other note, when i posted this on facebook earlier i got a crazy amount of responses.. I never realized exactly how many people actually cared - i just thought they all kind of took me for granet... not actually as a friend. ... It makes me feel a lot better, i know the world will keep turning... with their support i will make it through this.

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