Saturday, November 01, 2008

Lo cash violinist

Last night the i got to see Ryan - even more exciting than that: i got to meet his girl! She totally showed up to surprise him and so i got to hang out with her all night while he played, and she turned out to be totally awesome!
I also actually met the merch guy, spaz, and he turned out to be pretty darn amazing too. I am pretty sure that he has a crush on me. lol. ... oh boy, another fan of mine. Haha! i just don't know what to do about all these boys.
So after the show Steve showed up and i told Essay, Ryan's girl, about steve's akwardness and how he tried to date me and somehow they managed to ditch him - which i was impressed by cause he deffintly can't take hints - but it ended up being a blast cause when we went out to stake n shake [the real one] it was Ryan, essay, Spaz, and me and it really did end up being a lot of fun.
A list of movies they are going to make me addicted to : Dr. who, Dr. horibble, and one other that i forgot.
When i move, another option is Nashville - that would be fun too!
So now it is 740 and i still haven't gotten to sleep a lick and i have to teach swim lessons at 9 so i am gonna take a quick nap and pray that i wake up!! i am so tired. blah. k.night....

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