Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello Free bird, wont you be my friend?

I don't have anything to shield myself against anymore. I'm putting my walls down. You can't break my heart, and no one else can either. I've learned and i've lived and the heart ache that i've felt - well i wouldn't give it up for anything because it has filled an entire chapter in my book.

Why would i want to live with a wall around myself? Why would i want to see the world with that kind of view.. unless i was sitting on the wall, but what good would that do - and i would probably end up falling off anyway. So you can shut the world out but i think i'll not.

Maybe ill like him or him or you or that guy, and maybe whoever i end up falling for will break my heart. But i don't care. Go for it - and good luck. Im burning my walls so that i can live free and if the price is pain than oh well. It will be well worth the freedom that i'm about to embrace. Pain is nothing and heartbreak is only pain. So hello free bird, wont you be my friend.

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