Thursday, November 27, 2008

First day at Aero and maybe the last.

I don't have time to say too much because i have to be up at 5. Tomorrow is my first day of work at Aeropostle and it's black friday - how crappy is that?!?! i think i'm gonna work tomorrow and buy some pants and then quite before my shift on saturday: I really really need to find a job, but i need one that will last through the season and a seasonal job is NOT going to meet my needs so i'm gonna do this and then focus on working as many hours as possible at the rec and finding a good job. I need to print off my resume and then i will really crack down. So that is my plan for this weekend... and if i quite at Aero then i will be able to road trip it to Evansville to see Ryan and Spaz. It just might be a party.

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