Tuesday, May 22, 2012

one step at a time

We got all the carpeting ripped up in the new house and i'm stoked. .... the entire house is hard wood. Why you would cover up nice hard wood with ugly carpet - i have no idea! but it happened and now we have beautiful floors. I suppose the mud room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the entry way will hav tiling/ lamnet, but i'm still really excited about these floors. todays task: rip out all the nails from the old carpets and get the floors swept up. hopefully by tomorrow we can get a sander and the floors may be done by this weekend :) (at least the wood floors) that would be awesome because i am hoping to at least start moving in a week in half (first weekend in june. That would be beautiful if we were moved in copletely by my birthday :) I'm also ready to be done with the floors because i can't wait to get to painting. yay for paint. -absolutely, beemo

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