Sunday, May 20, 2012

mi abode v7: fashionable laundry room/sewing room.

Growing up, our laundry room was always a mess, plus i've learned a few lessons in the years that i've been on my own.  

I want a cute laundry room, just because laundry isn't always fun doesn't mean the space can't be (plus, a fun space makes the job a lot more enjoyable): splashes of color are a given. 

It's not been decided if we're going to move the laundry room to the mudroom or leave it seperate, but open cabinets is a must (cabinet doors look old fashion and provide coverage for CLUTTER)... but i love the idea of sharing mudroom and laundry room in one space.  

and finally, open shelving AND plenty of hanging space is a must!  

all of these laundry rooms make me happy AND ambitious to get to my own laundry. 

Into to mi abode:  ready.set.and move.
verse 2:  color
verse 6:  clean bathroom

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