Sunday, May 20, 2012

mi abode v8. FUN living room.

This means color and unique decor :)  and since my new living room is so large that it will most likely be split with a dinning room.... i should have pleanty of oportunity :) 

 of course still i major diy fan....  that's normally what gives a room the most unique charisma :)

This bottom picture really grasps an entire style that i love.  It is soft and fun and welcoming... that is how i want my living room to appear. 

*Picture no longer available*
I love this collection of decor that no one else would also have. 
I love unique signs as wall decor.

Things in a living room that i love:  1. awesomely unique furniture.  2. wonderfully random framed art.  3. manaquinns (more in the dressing room, but anywhere really) or other unique objects.  4. banners, streamers, flags, ect...  color :).    5. wall stickers.  (quotes, but more so just artistic wall stickers).  

Into to mi abode:  ready.set.and move.
verse 2:  color
verse 6:  clean bathroom

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