Thursday, May 17, 2012

oh so much space

The more i think about it, the more i google, the more i google, the more excited i get.  I can't wait to have a mudroom and a front entrance room and i ginorous living room and a walk in closet (the spare bedroom until we have kids.... then i don't know what i will do with all my clothes) and a large garage (with lots of windows:)) and a basement (so many places we can put the dogs)...  oh the space.  I didn't even mention the 3 car shed we have out back or all the yard space or the long drive leading to the house or the 2 sink bathroom with a large closet. Oh the space!   so much decorating.  i can't wait to get started.  My landlord closes on it this weekend so hopefully by next week i will be moving and have so much time to decorate (good thing i just quit coaching the swim team = more time to decorate)  yay!!  

I can barely contain myself.

I think the plan is to clean the garage and move everything into there (it's the size of our entire house right now) and we can just sleep there until we get the bedroom done (it's not like the rest of the house has ac yet...)

Can you hear my excitment?  ahhhhh!  yay :)

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