Wednesday, June 15, 2011

meet Charlie

7 weeks this past weekend... im beyond excited to have my own boy.  

Charlie likes:
other boys.
eating rocks
pooping in the bathroom floor.
baloon animals
running in circles

Charlie dislikes:
animal taxis
big dogs
sitting still for more than just a nap
being alone.

my birthday was 2 days ago, on monday, and i consider charlie my birthday present to myslef.... and my parental units got me a gift card to help pay for schooling in a couple months when he's old enough : )   yay.....    He gets along SUPER well with my neighbors dogs  and petco has free puppy playdates that i can start taking him to.... i tried last week but he's way too small for some of those dogs..  i'm hoping that  he is socialized enough that he can get along with them a little better this week....    yay. i'm so happy.  

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