Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's time to update

I'm rewriting my about me page but thought i'd keep the old one around:

Here's the low down:

I am random. That's pretty much the summary of my life.  Sometimes i think too much. I can be whoever i want to be when ever that is who i want to be. I can be that girl to take home to mom or i can be a little bit crazy. Sometimes i really understand just who i am and sometimes i have no idea where this world is taking me.
A lot of people don't know what to make of me but i don't really care and my friends don't really care either.
I'm one of those girls that you look at and then look again.  Sometimes i dress like everyone else, sometimes i wear too many layers. I ride a motorcycle but i don't really ever dress for the ride. I'm pretty much always with someone, but i'm actually quite the loner.
I'm pretty random and most people don't expect anything i say or do, but after a while they stop being surprised. I don't really care... i pretty much let myself be who i really want to be and forget about the rest of the world.

I'm a pretty boring person but there are a few details to me:

common interests:
ice cream
peanut butter
making drinks (and drinking them)
gatherings of water (including rain)
warm whether
The wind in my hair
design/expression of any form
swimming (in the competitive form)
making friends
good movies

people who really rock my world:
Miri Ben-ari
Angelina Jolie
Dale Moore
Sandor Paul
Jacqui Brancheck
Mahatma Gandhi
Mr. Marty Manfredo
Mr. Dempsey Elders
Emma stone
my face book wife, Hot stew.

Very Low on my list:
The color pink
Screaming, hard rock music
PDA (the sloppy make out, get a room kind)
Disrespectful guys
Cold rain

So i don't really have any goals. I do, but i don't hold to them because id rather go with the flow of life than to tie myself down to my own personal interests.
This is pretty much the summary of my life, but don't hold me to it.

check out my first post to this blog (introduction to my life):  Here


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