Saturday, June 18, 2011

I hope they serve beer in hell

I’m presently reading a book called “I hope they serve beer in hell”.  With that said I will put the disclaimer out there that this is in no way, form, or fashion a moral or well decided story. 

With that said, I was discussing said book with a friend that we’ll call Thomas L durby.  We were talking about how disgusting and repulsive some of the stories are… such as one which contained too much vomit, crap, and lube… I’m not sure how that progressed our conversation but I ended up asking Thomas if lube taste good… which I should have been able to figure out since it comes in flavors but was too niave to really think of that.  With that question he told me of his experience with lube.  It was a drunken morning that he decided to make pancakes only discover his lack of syrup and procceded to find a bottle of strawberry lube and cover his pancakes…. Just picture a somewhat large lumberjack looking dude standing by a trashcan in the back yard and holding a bottle of strawberry lube upside down over his morning breakfast….. seems a little unappetizing to me to be honest and I might have wondered what he was actually planning on with those pancakes… but defently reminds me of something out of that book…   good luck with that lube Thomas…. I don’t think that’s what it’s made for.   I’m not sure how bodies digest that or if it was actually made to intake in that form…  but good luck.

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