Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ill kill a man

If you read my about me tab (5'5'' 130lbs)  You'll see that i dislike disrespectful guys...  I wont take crap from anyone and i don't care if i have to take a punch to the face i will still stand up for myself....   and last night - that happened.  Some guy was talking way too dirty and when i confronted him about it i got a right hook.....   but me and my big ego wasn't smart enough to walk away, i stood up and told him he was a piece of dirt.  Guess the second hit was too much because i don't remember it or the following several minutes..  But the thing is, i would do it again.  I would take it for the respect i deserve.  I will not let anyone talk to me like that.  not anyone.  I am a woman and if you wont treat me like one i will have you know that i am a woman.   I just hate crappy guys. and guys that think it's ok to be crappy.

So to guys that hit girls:  you suck

and if it hadn't knocked me out i wouldn't have let him walk away freely.... i'm, sure the cops that showed up wouldn't have either.

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  1. I have a right mind to go up there and kick his ass...guys should never hit girls let alone full on punch them in the face..asshole. I loves you