Sunday, May 11, 2008

made to fly

I was made for more than this. It's not just a passion or a desire. It is more important than air. This is who i am and i am not referring to identity. This is beyond my identity. It is beyond my destiny.
I know i sound crazy; i can hear my words and i know that they sound those of mad man but i was made to change the world.
So many people have looked at me incredulously when they hear my answer to the impossible question of what i am doing with my life. It seems that not one person sets value to the possibility that i could ever change the world.
I may not know how or when, but i know that i was meant for so much more than to simply live. Asking me to wait is like telling a wild ocean to be tame. What is this great plan that i have been given breath for? And i have been given so much more than just breath. My entire being was made for this. My body was made capable of taking any physical pain and my heart was made to feel every emotion like it was my own. Who would be given this? What task could be at hand that would take this kind of molding? My body is chiseled and trained and my heart can feel every happiness and every pain.
Sitting here waiting hurts more than anything physical and my heart aches more strongly than any emotion. When will i be given my chance? When will i be given my charge? I am ready to put my curses to work, but i don't know what they are for? I can only wait. I can only dream.

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