Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't you have faith, we don't serve a maybe God

"Why do you say Maybe? Don't you have faith, we don't serve a maybe God."
Sarah waited 90 years or so. I can wait a few days, weeks or months. Waiting on God. Waiting on the Lord. Trusting in the Lord and his promises. Believing that he is faithful and will provide and is powerful.

God gave a promise to Abraham and Sarah. One day God shows up with two angels to talk to Abraham and proceeds to say that he will be back in about a year’s time and Sarah will have her promise. Hiding behind the tent Sarah laughs, “Me? Have a son? At my age? Yeah right!” (For she was past her child bearing years) the Lord asks Abraham why Sarah laughed. I can imagine Abraham just kinda shrugging, saying “I dunno, she’s given up on that dream.” The Lord repeats everything that Sarah has just said to herself, and asks “Is anything too hard for the Lord? Sarah denies that she laughed. But the Lord replies to her, “Oh, but you did laugh.” (I’d forgotten how fun the Old Testament is. It’s kinda funny!)

I will not doubt the lord. Over the past year i have done my share of laughing but i am through with that. There are no maybes or what ifs. God gave me a promise and i will hold to it. Abraham and Sarah were given a promise and when they gave up they took it into their own hands and it wasn't the blessing that God had planned. God is all powerful and i know that he has this all planned out. I will have faith and i will wait. I know that God will come through on his promise... "Our God is not a maybe God". "He will go before us and prepare our way."

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