Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Come sing with me dearest?

Dearest Husband,

It is you that i want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you more than a sailor loves the ocean. You are the one i can come to with my silly problems and i know that you will understand; you will understand that i am simply ranting. You are the one that i've waited for. There were days that i thought you would never come but i held to God's promise that he would bring you to me. There were nights that i was drunk and almost gave myself away but i would see you in my mind's eye and was able to save my purity for you. In my waiting i've learned that i am capable of holding my own ground and i've met my own identity. I have learned to stand on my own feet emotionally. But no matter how independent i may be i still need you. I need you more than air because it is you that i've saved myself for. I have saved my love and i have saved my virginity for you. No one else understood me. Even my fellow christians were giving themselves away and the day came that i was the only one left to for the vampires to take up but even then i waited for you. Some nights it was not so easy but even before i had met you i knew that you would come. I even wore a token, a promise, for God and for you. I wore it on my left hand and it wasn't always so easy to explain to people. But i know that you will be here until the last breath. There will be bad days and good days and while we may have a perfect history on file now, i know that we will have our own share of fights but i can't wait because it is the trials that will make us stronger and prove to all our love.

With all my love,

No more kissing.
Kissing took a backseat in my list of morals but i am in love with him and no matter how many people i make out with it will not change the fact that i am in love with him. So i am stopping now. I just don't get a high from kissing anymore because every kiss makes me think of him. I am staying here. I am waiting. I may have to wait the rest of my life, but you can't just move on once you fall in love. He is my loml. The love of my life. I am waiting. Just sitting here waiting. I sang in the rain the other day. I was picturesque in my knee length black skirt and my sparkling loafers. The pink flowered umbrella topped of my lyrics that filled the air. But as i skipped down the sidewalk i was not only content. I was happy. When i pictured myself i could see him at my side but i was still happy in reality. One day he will come and i will dance in the rain but today i am still singing. If you ever see me standing in the rain i will be looking into the heavens because i can see his face in closed eyes. But today i am still singing. Come sing with me?

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