Saturday, December 31, 2011

welcome to our world twent.12.

Wow.  Another year over. 
I used to think that a year was such a long time but I’ve learned that
One year will go by quickly ; I MUST act NOW if I want to live the kind of life I've always wanted.
The past year has been full of healing and moving forward.  I’ve defently learned that spontaneity should never be frowned upon.

I’ve made some of the best decisions of my life in 2011 (every one of them being spontanious).  Now I’m looking forward to twent.12

looking back at my 2011 to do list:
Try new drinks (check)
Go skydiving (check check)
Make more cards
Be care free
Design more (look at my new house and you’ll know this is a check)
Practice all the hobbies I’ve taken up and never followed up on (I think I’ll carry this to twenty.12)
Be more selfless (just slightly, but check)
Write more notes ( I would also like to carry this one on)
Stop worring about boys that don’t love me (check x 3 : )  yay to be married.
Do something new every month (not so sure this was EVERY month, but pretty close to)

For the most part I can say my 2011 was successful.  Skydiving would be the one I had the least faith to succeed (I can thank my husband for that check)  and my most successful and healthy achievement would be the boys.  They have been my most painfull experiences in life and while the past year has been full of healing, my husband is the best decision that I’ve made in my life.  and while it might not have been on my to do list, i think i have been MUCH better at blogging this year (not near as much venting, and quite a few more design and inspired posts)

With that I suppose I need to be ready for twenty.12.  

I've had some real difficulty thinking of goals for such a short time period. I almost wish i could have a 5 yr resolution list (student loans paid 1/2 way in 3 yrs.  Then a baby and a house.... )   
after deep concentration: 

#1: I want to keep from last year: practice past hobbies
this wasn't very successful last year, but they're hobbies i don't ever want to forget

#2:  and i want to also keep: write more notes  
this is a long begotten and best way to show someone you care

#3: Know where i'm going but love where i'm at.
obviously i don't have a problem knowing where i'm going, but i have a tendency of getting caught up in where i want to be and forgetting to enjoy where i'm at.  Hey beemo, Let's just relax and have fun, mmmmkay? 

#4:  New years kiss
all of my 23 years and ive still never had one... well this year is a year of moving forward and now that i'm married i expect a new years kiss tonight :)

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