Monday, December 12, 2011

more like a child

I feel like i haven't let out a vent in a while and right now i am fuming for one....

I am on the hunt for a new church.  The past 5 years i have been in love with my church because of their down to earth sense of the bible and yet pure love of God but they have their flaws and this past sunday, they topped them all.....   They kicked the guy next to me out because his son was being too noisy (i was able to worship just fine with his few noises here and there)

They were fine the entire service and i enjoyed making faces at the kid.  Worship time came around and about 5 min until the end 0f service the kid started getting bored.  He really wasn't that noisy, but just a little.  As the lady in front of us started shooting rude glances at the dad (who looked single and young), my blood started heating but i remained calm.  2 songs from the end, one of the higher up members came over and asked the man to leave due to his son.

I was heated.  When the member came to explain to me, i was so beside myself with grief that the comfort of my husband was all that could hold me together.

There is a story of church that was packed to the brim and a rough, barefoot man walked in.  When he realized there was no seating he walked about half way down the isle and sat down in the floor.   The church was silent, waiting to see what the decons reaction would be.  As the oldest decon in the church began making his way towards the man, you could of heard a pin drop.  Once the decon reached the man, he removed his shoes and sat down next to him and the service resumed.

I am beside myself with the church that i've loved.

The idea that a church so pronounced on spreading love would kick a guy out for simply being too noisy ( did i mention that everyone surounding us were members and therefor should have been understanding) is too much for me to handle.

There have been several small things that have kept pushing me, but this is too much.  I can't handle this.
My gift is compassion and empathy and i just could NOT bear this. ..  I garantee he will not be back, and i garantee i will not be back either.

What tears me apart even more is that this is the church that i have been in love with.

and now it's time to begin shopping.... for a new church.
Wish me luck.

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