Friday, December 02, 2011

good morning beautiful cup of coffee

Like most people, i didn't discover coffee until  my college years.  Not that i was some over achiever or even a hard studier, i just didn't like it until then.  I always loved the smell of coffee and about high school i began to like coffee flavored things but it wasn't until i was about 20 years old that i realized that with the right toppings i could even like coffee.... that enjoyment keeps growing.  I doubt i will ever enjoy it black (unless out of desperation) but i do enjoy coffee now.  The different flavors, the different types of brewing, the different creamers or other flavors you can put into it.  I suppose it's like wine or beer or even perfume.  The common person can enjoy it but then you can take it to another level also if you like... and the more you look at it and examine what you're partaking in and the more you variety you try, the more you actually appreciate it.  

I've always been an automatic machine type person until i dated someone with a french press.  Now i'm married to a man with a perculator.....   and just used it for the first time. (yay for me.) Just tell me what kind you'd fancy and ill brew you up a cup :) 

I like mine with 2 splashes of creamer.  3 if it's a big cup.

Point of story:  i really love my coffee.  

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